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H. Clinton to Announce Bid
For Uruguyan Political Post

June 9, 1999 _ Hillary Rodham Clinton will soon announce her intention to run for the Senate in Uruguay later this year, The Glimpse has learned.

While a number of influential Democrats have urged the First Lady to consider a run for the U.S. Senate, representing New York state, Mrs. Clinton has reportedly been pursuing a political agenda focused on the Southern Hemisphere. "The New York seat is a tempting opportunity, but Mrs. Clinton is looking for a change of scene and a chance to start over," said one close confidante.

Glimpse photographers managed to capture the First Lady in a revealing focus group session with a cross-sample of Uruguayan voters during a recent field trip. hillary_kids.jpg (45895 bytes)"Hillary felt very welcome among these people and warmed by their hospitality," a personal friend confided. "It was a comfort to her that hardly anyone there is taller than she is.

"Plus, Uruguay has very favorable tax laws for Americans that choose to retire there and a strong real estate market," the source added. Both citizens and foreigners pay no personal income tax or inheritance tax. "Financial advisors indicate that she could keep a substantial portion of her personal estate that otherwise may be in jeopardy when her husband loses his job."

Clinton has apparently been working feverishly to develop contacts in the Latino community. During a recent fundraiser, she was seen "passing the hat" with popular Hispanic-American baseball player Sammy Sosa. hillary_sosa.jpg (42202 bytes)

The fact that Clinton speaks only faltering Spanish is actually considered an advantage, since few voters will understand anything she says. It's also rumored that she has been working with television actor Jimmy Smits to polish her image as a "happening" Latina role model.

Mrs. Clinton originally aligned herself politically with the Blancos, one of the leading parties in the Uruguyan Senate. But overtures have been made by the leadership of the Frente Amplio -- or Wide Front -- who argue that they are more sympathetic to her interests.

Some local observers believe she will ultimately cast her fortunes with the Nuevo Espacio (New Space) movement, which only has one seat in the 30-member Senate.

carville.jpg (15036 bytes)Political pundit James Carville said the First Lady would be a strong candidate under any flag. "It's not a question of whether she will run, only where she will run," Carville told The Glimpse. "If your future was looking after Bubba once the party ends, you'd be looking for somewhere to run too."

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