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Every once in a while, someone asks about The Glimpse.

What is it?

Can I spend my company's precious capital on banner advertising?

When will The Glimpse make an IPO?

The Glimpse is the modern-day reincarnation of a literary endeavor foisted upon the undergraduates of Dickinson College during the "unfortunate years" of the early 1970s. Through the kindness of PG Art Company, it is hosted at this web address and updated on an infrequent and random basis.

Somewhere around here there is an index of back articles, but it's incomplete. There used to be an e-mail notification function, but it was tiresome. At one point it's believed there was even a PointCast feature, although there is little evidence of this. A search engine seems unlikely but most of the news articles have links to something.

The Glimpse does not accept advertising, capital infusions
or any other form of revenue.

If you have any suggestions or comments, you can e-mail the editor at:

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